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What to give at Christmas at a professional level
submitted by kendal1976
Christmas is coming and with it enough time to provide gifts to suppliers, customers and employees, in order to maintain a constant channel of communication between the business and its most important allies.Many companies take advantage of this occasion to utilize the corporate gift to accomplish the positioning of brands in the market through advertising, or promotional items, framed inside a comprehensive strategy of image positioning and business branding. The logo utilized in the corporate gift is a source thats been employed for a long time with positive results both for the image and to put the brand.Always remember a gift is obviously going to speak about the one who offers it, we ought to be very mindful of the signals we want to send with a corporate gift. When coming up with a present-day in the professional field, you must take into account these:1.-No gifts should be given within the business in which negotiations are taking place, since this is taken as an influence in the decision-making process. Avoid being misinterpreted by the gesture.2.-Differentiate gifts from customers and suppliers with those of employees, since with the latter theres more proximity and should get as a motivator, as opposed to as a brandname positioning.3.-Determine to whom the gift is directed, whether to a first level executive or business owner or even to a secretary or middle manager, if its a zone customer, a national or foreign.4.-The gift for employees search for utility, review only a little that is everything you can appear motivated, produce a survey one of them, with several alternatives.5.-Discard for several personal gifts options such as for example perfumes, music, ties, books, makeup, etc.6.-Do not use the business cards to provide the gifts, make a personalized card, compiled by hand.7.-In the case of customers, do not give alcohol based drinks until you first carry out a study and make sure that if you consume them. If the customer is a consumer, let them have an excellent brand.8.-Beyond the gift look at the utility that will be given to him, as it can certainly be useful to your business allies, have that gift.The corporate gift is essential because through promotional products a commercial relationship with consumers is maintained and the sale of a certain item is encouraged, strengthening the brand and the image of the company.In the cases of commercial allies, the worth it represents for the organization is noted, it is taken into account by means of something special, the communication is maintained and its taken into account fully for the key activities of the organization.Utilize the advertising gifts to focus on the image of your company requires an investment and a good choice of these, seek support and advice at this time, have image consultants Madrid, to help you flaunt at Christmas or any event that you intend to make will depend to a sizable extent on the gift or gift you return to your business allies. Dont miss the opportunity.
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